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1 To build a system implemented by the Ministry of Education which are establish the elementary school courses, small students’ classroom, And students counsel to make teaching, and counseling together.

2 To create a view point by Keelung major which are building Keelung into a living, working and entertainment modern city.

3 School will supervise on point of final result which is……

4 To make a proper study to arouse their mind and creation with multi courses to adapt and happy learning to every student.

5 To understand spirit of literature and arts and make its individual culture

6 Empowering school system with it for curriculum and pedagogical innovations and to facilitate, guide, administer and assess learning in ways that align with the goals of Curriculum Reform.  

7 The relationship between the school and the parents stays positive and stabilizes the regular interaction among the teachers, students and the parents.

8 To provide more equipment and learning environment for both teachers and students.


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