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School Vision
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School Vision

1.      基於「發揚人性」與「開發潛能」的教育本質,衡量本校條件、社區特性、家長期望與學生需求,並審察社會變遷的現象與時代潮流的趨勢,構築健康、靈活、平等、永續及感恩五大願景,以引導學童迎向光明人生。

1. Basic on the education principal of ability of creation and nature humanity, Estimate school environments and unique local factors with expectation of students’ parent, students’ needs, society change and tendency of this age. We tend to build a health, flexible, equality, life time and thankful vision to lead all students  


願 景



健 康


1.      鍛鍊體魄,涵養品德,以成為身心健全的國民。

to form and train character through experience and their bodies which lead to good mental health as well as their bodies.

2.      樂觀進取,開朗自信,以發展潛能,建立正確的價值觀。

To be optimistic with study and self-confidence to create their abilities and have an ability to distinguish right from wrong.

靈 活


1.      由多元而適性,而快樂學習,而激發反思與創造能力。

To arouse their mind and creation with multi courses to adapt and happy learning to every student.

2.      自由開放,主動探索研究,以不斷超越,提昇生活與學習品質。

To have open minded and have initiative study to over come their living and studying qualities.

平 等


1.      尊重包容,互助互信,具人生而平等的觀念。

To respect and to forgive others, help each others and to have equality for all kinds

2.      溝通分享,機會均等,以增進關懷弱勢,遵守規則的民主素養。

To understand and share opportunities with others and care for small and weak groups to develop the ideals of democracy and abides by laws based on the spirit of individuality.  

永 續

Lift time

1.      知行合一,親師合夥,以發揮服務與團隊精神。

To behave with understanding and to join with students’ parent in order to have excellent team work.

2.      建立方向,規劃生涯,以終身學習,實現生命的理想。

To make right decision and make a way through life time studying and let every student’s goals become truth.

感 恩


1.      親近文學,體會藝術,以蘊育高尚情恩,發展健全的人格。

Closing to literature and arts with positive outlook that can understand respect, and appreciation for all.

2.        知福惜福,尊重自然,愛護環境,以感恩的態度面對生命。

To understand the value of life and respects the harmonious relationship between all kinds.


2.   顯現「專業自主、學習成長、團隊合作、愛心用心」的教師形象。

To show a good character of teacher has team work with specialty in education, learning and loves to students  

3.   形成優美學風,結合社區,發展學習型文化,使教育成為日新又新,活力永


 To become an excellent studying habit with local culture which make the learning to be a lift time career.



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